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36º 30'
by Molly Dilworth
Art Rapids! was pleased to add this 12 x 56 ft. artistic banner along the Elk Rapids Day Park fence during the summer of 2014, to draw attention to the WOA and showcase the work of Molly Dilworth, a nationally known New York artist with connections to Antrim County. Ms. Dilworth, whose mother is an Elk Rapids summer resident, was commissioned in 2012 to create the banner for Manhattan’s World Financial Center Plaza. Following its three-month appearance there, she has donated the work to Art Rapids! for exhibit at the Walk of Art in the Day Park. Walk of Art juror Paul Welch has enthusiastically approved the art and the project. The banner was done as part of an exhibit Dilworth titled “36º 30'.” The project takes its name from the latitudinal circle used in the Missouri Compromise to divide the US into free territory and slave territory. This historic line remains critical to global trade today as a mediator of labor markets and migration: It separates Europe from Africa, and it passes through the heart of such global economic powers as the US, China, Korea, and Japan. The composition is constructed from visual references to global trade and labor. An initial interest in the African American Burial Ground in lower Manhattan led to research on quilt patterns that were used for communication along the Underground Railroad - a system of iconic visual communication that was integrated into trade routes. Its patterns, inspired by quilt design, are populated by a hybrid iconography drawn from states' flags and emblems as well as the logos of companies with a relationship to the 36º 30’ parallel, cumulatively weaving together a history of global trade. This work is a result of research undertaken in a 2011 Art & Law Residency at Michigan State University. The patterns, originally manifest as banners painted on wool military blankets, were reformed to create an exterior mural for Brookfield Properties in Manhattan in the summer of 2012. The banner is printed on standard vinyl “building wrap” mesh similar to the woven vinyl material frequently used in patio furniture. Molly Dilworth specializes in large work. Last year, New York’s Department of Transportation commissioned her to produce a 50,000 sq. ft. painting to cover the surface of four blocks of Broadway in Times Square, pending completion of plans for new pedestrian plazas. For 18 months, her “river” of cool, blue hues transformed chaotic, neon-lit Times Square into a cool, calm, relaxing place for tens of thousands of pedestrians. Not for sale - a gift from Molly Dilworth
Location Elk Rapids Day Park, 920 S Bay Shore Dr, Elk Rapids MI, Williamsburg
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