by Arthur Lazaryan
“In my art works I often show the changes that happen in us and around us – past, present, and future. The colors and shapes represent time and people, as well as the dynamic flow of joy and appreciation of life.” Arthur was born in Yerevan, Armenia. He grew up in an art environment at home, where he was guided by his brother, a fine arts teacher. Since he was a child, two things have interested Arthur the most: art and the mechanics of things. By the age of nine he had already participated in several group and solo exhibitions, including an exhibit of works by gifted children at the Children’s Art Museum in Yerevan. By the time he was a teenager, his works had been exhibited in Europe, Russia, and Asia. Soon after graduation from school, he was required to serve in the military for two years. During his military time, he not only operated tanks, but was also active as an artist, painting murals. After he returned from the military, Arthur worked as a designer/draftsman at a major architect firm while attending the university pursuing an engineering degree. Shortly thereafter, Armenia proclaimed its independence. With a near shutdown of the economy, including shortages of goods, electricity and water, Arthur had to once again change professions, and work in diplomatic security for the U.S. Embassy. He continued to exhibit in Yerevan, and worked with noted art teachers and artists. He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design in 1995. In 1996 he came to the United States, first to California, where he participated in a group show at the Modern Art Museum Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, and displayed his works in various galleries and shows in the Los Angeles area. In 1998 he moved to Michigan, and began a career in the medical field of surgical equipment management services. He has participated in exhibitions in Dearborn, Traverse City, and Farmington, and his works have been displayed at fine art galleries in Ludington, Grand Rapids, Milford and Northville. In 2013 he designed a stone monument for a public memorial in Southfield, and participated in ArtPrize in 2014. He currently resides in Farmington Hills with his wife and two children. Arthur’s works reflect the constant changes he has experienced, and his media and techniques demonstrate his adaptability to his surroundings. He has worked with watercolor, oil, and acrylic, as well as created sculptures from wood, metal, clay, and stone. Arthur will be always be inspired by his surroundings, including the diverse beauty of Michigan. Of Crane, he writes, “Cranes come to nest in a welcoming, natural environment.” The sculpture was appropriately placed in a serene spot on a path. Lazaryan presented Crane to Art Rapids as a gift in May of 2015 to honor his wife, who was raised in Elk Rapids. Created 2015 Dimensions: 68” high, 18” wide (on base), 30 pounds Media: Oak, Willow Burl
Location Elk Rapids Day Park, 920 S Bay Shore Dr, Elk Rapids MI, Williamsburg
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