Crossing the river
Crossing the River
by Tony Hendrick, Master Muralist
The Albion Community Mural, Crossing the River, was designed with input from the entire Albion Community and volunteer painters from the community helped to do the work to create the art. This 56 foot long mural in the alley by the bank depicts activities and events in the city of Albion in winter, spring, summer and fall. The mural was designed with the intent of not only beautifying downtown Albion, but to encourage storytelling about the folklore of Albion. The mural has 7 panels. — right across the street. The Albion Community Mural features a long river, and a long brick street. The river represents one year of time in Albion, starting in the winter.
Location 42.244551 -84.752642, Albion, MI
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