Enchanted beanstalk
Enchanted Beanstalk
by Jim Cogswell
Enchanted Beanstalk is an adhesive vinyl mural applied to eight floors of windows, covering 11,000 square feet of glass across the west face of the new Mott Children's and Van Voigtlander Women's Hospital at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. The design incorporates hundreds of fanciful elements suggesting plant, animal, insect, and human forms, landscapes, architectural environments, and quirky mechanical contrivances in strong colors and varying scales. The overall design is connected between levels by a climbing vine that evokes the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack scrambles up through layers of clouds to a magical world where he encounters a frightful giant whom he courageously outwits, securing a long and prosperous life for himself and his mother by bringing home the goose that lays the golden eggs. From floor to floor the viewer is transported through layers of imaginary worlds, each with a different visual theme and composed of unique image elements. A set of simple designs for counting the floors is found at the entry to each level. Between levels galaxies spin, insects buzz, and eggs drop from one floor to the next, finally accumulating as a pile of magic beans around the base of the beanstalk at ground level. Installed 2011 Medium: Adhesive Vinyl **All information was taken from enchantedbeanstalk.net. Please visit for more information on the artist, mural and Children's Hospital.
Location C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI
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