Flights of learning
Flights of Learning
by Bryce Pettit
The creator and artist is Bryce Pettit of Monticello, Utah. The sculpture took Pettit about six months to complete. The Keith Wilson Children’s Center back addition was named for John’s father. Pettit wrote that his sculpture “Flights of Learning” represents the mission and purpose of a library. The model for the bronze sculpture was the sculptor's eleven-year-old daughter. The open bronze book at the statue explains that parents have the responsibility to make the world better through their children. The members of the community carry the responsibility of giving children the proper education to become outstanding citizens. The book represents a portal to knowledge. The birds represent the information that can be learned in the books. Knowledge is released and flies to new horizons to enrich and enlighten the lives of people through learning. Freedom is gained through the opportunity of "Flights of Learning". Different birds represent different areas of knowledge. The knowledge of science and mathematics is through the wise owl. The knowledge of history is represented by the falcon. The knowledge of literature is shown through the jay bird. The appreciation of music is given by the meadowlark. Fantasy is portrayed by the hummingbird. The skills of art is illustrated in the tern. Unveiled 2012 Dimensions: 7 1/2ft tall, 800 lbs. Medium: Bronze Located in front of the Mason County District Library
Location 217 East Ludington Ave. Ludington, MI 49431
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