Hook on hamlin sculpture
Hooked on Hamlin
by W. Stanley Proctor
The sculpture dedicated in July 2009 is a life-size representation of a man and boy fishing at the nearby Hamlin Lake. It has meaning to those that grew up at Hamlin Lake or vacationed there. The older man is taking a fish from the young boy's hook. It is one of the most significant and recognizable sculptures in Ludington. The 2009 adjacent descriptive plaque reads, "The many friends of Hamlin Lake dedicate this sculpture to the bond that links the generations of families with the natural wonders of our Great Lakes ecosystem. Wild and natural things make up our irreplaceable and fragile Hamlin Lake, and we pledge our commitment to the dream of sustainability for the lake we love." It also gives an old Chinese Proverb, "A father may teach his son to fish, but a grandfather teaches him to fish for his dreams."
Location 391 S William St, Ludington, MI 49431
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