New arcadia
New Arcadia
by David Black
About the Artist: Black is recognized internationally for his monumental public sculptures. His sculptures are what he calls ‘proto-architecture’, which is combining architectural elements such as pillars, arches, open canopies and use of light. Black’s community landmarks engage their environments spatially and culturally, ensuring a connection with the viewer. His projects are serious and complex, but lifted by buoyancy and spirit. Black received his BA from Wesleyan University-Connecticut, and his Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) from Indiana University. He then went on to be a professor of art at Ohio State University where he worked for many years. Black has been granted many honors/awards such as an “Individual Artist Grant” from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as being presented with the “Career Recognition Award” by the Ohio House of Representatives. Being internationally recognized, Black’s sculptures are found all around the world in places such as Berlin, Germany; Nagano, Japan; Belmont, California; New York City, and Duisburg, Germany. Installed in 1987 on the Kalamazoo College Campus Medium: Painted Steel
Location Stadium Drive at Academy Street, Kalamazoo Michigan, MI
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