On the move
On the Move
by Kirk Newman
These fourteen humorous figures are running to catch the train. Newman's shapes give the impression of constant movement, reflecting the action of people using the system. The largest figure has a 23-foot span, which visually carries the viewer up the escalator to the platform level. The artist was very interested in capturing the very busy, fast pace of the business world. Notice that the figures are all running to catch the train - once again emphasizing that everyone is in a hurry to get where they're going. Also, all the people are carrying -- or balancing - briefcases above their heads. One woman even has a briefcase in one hand, a baby in the other and another child following behind. Largest figure is downstairs and measures 23 feet from toe to toe. It's a man jumping from the first floor to the second floor to catch the train. Medium: Bronze
Location Michigan Avenue Station, Detroit, MI
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