Seafull mound
Seagull Mound
by Pat Innis
Pat Innis a prolific and accomplished environmental artist. Innis is an adjunct instructor of art at Maharishi University in Iowa and has her studio in Alden, Mich. She is Education Director at Michigan Legacy Art Park, which also has several of her works on permanent exhibit. Pat worked Elk Rapids High School Honor Art Students in the instruction and creation of Seagull Mound. “When I think of Elk Rapids I think first of seagulls and all the people over the years who have stood along the water and watched the gulls.” “I would like to work with the high school art teacher and his honors art students to help me create the seagull. Students would have helped to create or have exposure to the creation of a large-scale work of art. Students would feel a part of the Walk of Art and give them a sense of ownership of the Seagull Mound.”
Location Elk Rapids Day Park, 920 S Bay Shore Dr, Elk rapids MI, Williamsburg
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