Seedpod 10
Seedpod 10
by David Greenwood
Artist David Greenwood says, “I find that nature is the best designer. I have been collecting seedpods on all my travels. My sculptures are abstractions of those.” Seedpod 10 was created using laser-guided, plasma-cut shapes which were welded into the form. End caps were heat-forged. Of his work, Greenwood writes, “I patrol the borderline between the conscious and unconscious mind searching for those images that are both unique and universal. I celebrate the cracks in the veneer of ‘civilization;’ somewhere deep in those crevices truth is waiting. I witness the collision of cultures with a curious kind of optimism. In the ragged no-man’s land between two belief systems reality may reveal itself. “I am interested in primitive cultures, in symbolism and in allegory revealed through rural themes. I begin my work intuitively; I let imagery emerge and evolve as it will, and later impose formal restrictions upon it. There is always a certain amount of assemblage involved in my work, even if all the objects are handmade. Juxtaposition is critical to what I am trying to say. For me, life is a series of juxtaposed events, of random encounters and moments in time. We do our best to make sense of the comic and tragic that sometimes run parallel paths but often collide. “Since I began working in wood, I have enjoyed the option of working quite large. I prefer a 1:1 (life-size) scale. I am more interested in creating places than things. I hope my work presents a situation rather than an object. Many of my works seem to invite the physical participation of the viewer. There is a suggestion/absence of human form. Viewers of my work should enjoy the little mysteries. I hope they will feel that they have arrived in a situation where something has just happened or is about to happen. Each person can imagine what went before and what will occur next according to his/her individual experience. “I hope my work is both visually exciting and stimulating to the imagination. Good questions are more valuable than good answers.” Approximate dimensions and weight: 41” high, 114” long, 91” wide 120 pounds
Location Elk Rapids Day Park, 920 S Bay Shore Dr, Elk Rapids MI, Williamsburg
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