Sport Fishing
by Bryce Pettit
The "Sport Fishing" sculpture represents the popular sport of Ludington, Michigan. Coho and Chinook Salmon were introduced into Lake Michigan in the 1960s. Fishermen caught large numbers of mature fish starting in the Fall of 1967. This fish program influenced the growth of tourism in Ludington. Carol Polston bought and dedicated this sculpture to her late husband, Barry, an avid fisherman in Ludington and Northern Michigan. His boat that he fished from was called "Trust me." Bryce Pettit of Durango, Colorado, created the sculpture. He is the same artist who created "Flights of Learning" located at the Ludington library that is also part of the Mason County Sculpture Trail. Located in the area along the channel between the Loomis Street boat launch and the Coast Guard Station, an area designated as the Ludington Maritime Heritage Park.
Location Stearns Dr and Loomis St, Ludington, MI
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