Sun over red sea
Sun Over Red Sea
by Dave Vande Vusse
Vande Vusse writes, “I feel sculptures should brighten people's lives. For me, a good sculpture is one that brings a smile to a person's face when they first look at it. Any sculpture that needs to be explained falls into the same category as a joke that needs to be explained. “Sun Over the Red Sea has withstood 60 mph winds... The red piece is 48 inches in diameter and hangs from a balance point. It weighs about 110 pounds. The counter balance is the 22 inch in diameter yellow sun. The whole apparatus mounts on a ball bearing on top of a 3 inch 3/4th inch peg at the top of the base. It rotates freely like a weather vane.” Dave Vande Vusse has been making mobiles for forty years. He was so inspired by the sight of a Calder mobile while in graduate school that he was compelled to learn to make mobiles and stabiles himself. He studied all sorts of mobiles wherever he came across them, but remains a true fan of the Calder style. Dave’s construction methods have evolved to include various modern techniques. By using powder-coating paint finishes, computer-driven metal-cutting machines, MIG welding equipment, or even spray paint in cans, Dave can produce mobiles that fit better and have a more durable finish than Calder’s ever did. Approximate dimensions: 72” high, 50” wide, 50” deep 350 pounds
Location Elk Rapids Day Park, 920 S Bay Shore Dr, Elk Rapids MI, Williamsburg
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