The committee
The Committee
by Albert Levergne
About the Sculpture: "This sculpture consists of four larger-than-life figures in an acrobatic configuration. This composition, fabricated in steel, was an investigation both in process and human anatomy. The piece addresses the conflict between human limitations and spiritual expectations. The struggle to achieve and maintain physical balance develops a spiritual harmony." - LeVergne About the Artist: “The pursuit of art is more about being resourceful than divine inspiration. I approach my work in the studio like an 8 to 5 job. I like to get to the studio early and stay in that environment all day. I don't like to plan ahead what my work patterns will take and I never try to force a perceived idea. I prefer to improvise incrementally and take advance of the discoveries. The information that I realize during the process is usually 10 times better than I could plan. Real time and space should always effect the creative process. Regardless of the subject matter, this formula works for me. The individual is the most important part of any process.” – LeVergne Installed in 1999 at Wood Hall, Western Michigan University. Medium: Fabricated Steel
Location Wood Hall, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan, MI
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