Dummy train display
The Dummy Train
by George Lundeen
A woman and her children on a railroad platform, with rails and a crossing sign in front of them, depicts the time when the railroad connected Ludington to Epworth. Created by George Lundeen, the cottagers at Epworth Heights presented this sculpture to the city of Ludington. From 1874 to 1919, the Dummy Train carried thousands of residents to Epworth Heights during the summertime. Portions of the actual rails used are included as part of the sculpture. The bronze sculpture display represents the day when the railroad connected Ludington to the nearby resort of Epworth Heights. It is of a woman and her children near rails on a railroad platform. There is a crossing sign there. The display was purchased by the cottagers at Epworth Heights and presented to the city. The Ludington and Northern Railway was also known as the Dummy Train. Medium: Bronze
Location 391 S William St, Ludington, MI 49431
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